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This is the current edition of the Siskiyou Pioneer:  The State of Jefferson, The Dream Lives On, 2014

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2006 "Museum Issue".  Compiled by the Siskiyou County Historical Society Board of Directors, Edited by Michael Hendryx.  The Siskiyou Pioneer, published by the Siskiyou County Historical Society
Volume 8, Number 5
Price:  $8.00
1976 "Yreka" (Reprint).  Compiled by Donna Goodland, Alden James, James T. Rock, and Christine Sellman.  Edited by Robert Wright.  The Siskiyou Pioneer, published by the Siskiyou County Historical Society
Volume 4, Number 9
Price:  $8.00 
1957 "Field Guide to the Siskiyou Gold Fields" (Reprint).  The Siskiyou Pioneer, published by the Siskiyou County Historical Society.
Volume 2, Number 10
Price:  $8.00 

History of Siskiyou County 1881.  (Reprint, Hardbound book)  Harry L. Wells.
Price:  $25.00 
Karuk, The Upper River People.  Maureen Bell. 
Price:  $ 9.95
In the Land of the Grasshopper Song.  Arnold & Reed. 
Price:  $19.95 
Gold Mining in Siskiyou County 1850-1900.  Gary Stumpf.
Price:  $10.95
Books on Gold Mining:
  • Atlas of Siskiyou County Mines.  Richard Silva.  $19.00
  • Big Ditch.  Richard Silva.  A story of the 95 mile ditch from Parks Creek to Hawkinsville.  $9.95
  • Gold Mining in Siskiyou County 1850 - 1900.  Gary Stumpf.  Cover image shown above.  Outline of common methods and equipment used in gold mining.  Numerous photos and illustrations.  $10.95 
  • Yreka's Tunnels and Tunnel Cave-ins.  Richard Silva.  $9.95
 Books on Forestry:
  • Forest Ranger Who Could.  Gill Davies.  Pioneer custodians of the U.S. Forests.  $15.00
  • Stories of the National Forest.  Gill Davies and Florice Frank.  $16.95
 Books on General Area History:
  • Between The Floods:  Happy Camp 1956-1965. Linda Whiting Willis.  $14.95
  • Dear Mad'm.  Stella Patterson.  A big city resident moves to Happy Camp.  $12.95
  • Historic Look at Scott Valley.  Richard Silva and Michael Hendryx.  $12.95
  • Rails Around McCloud (Images of Rail:  California Series).  Jeff Moore.  A pictorial and annotated history of the McCloud Railroads that run in the shadow of Mt. Shasta.  $19.99
  • Mt. Shasta (Images of America Series).  Darla Greb Mazariegos.  A pictorial and annotated history of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Shasta City.  $19.95
  • Mt. Shasta Sketchbook.  John Jenott.  Illustrated history of the area.  $24.95
  • My First Seven Years Teaching on the Klamath River, 1929-1936.  Minerva Starritt.  $10.95
  • Scott Valley Sketchbook.  John Jenott.  A sketchbook guide to Scott Valley with historical notes.  $18.85
  • Scott Valley Tour Book.  $12.95
  • State of Jefferson:  The Dream Lives On.  James T. Rock.  The dream of a new state in Northern California and Southern Oregon.  $7.50
  • State of Jefferson (Then and Now Series).  Bernita L. Tickner and Gail Fiorini-Jenner.  A pictorial and annotated history of places and people from the past and present in the "State of Jefferson".  $19.95
  • That Ribbon of Highway III:  Highway 99 Through the Pacific Northwest.  Jill Livingston.  Third book in a series.  Illustrated regional history and road guide to historic Highway 99.  $15.99
  • Tour Book 2001.  Richard Silva.  Text of tour through Sacramento Canyon.  $6.95
  • Tour of Southern Route--Applegate Trail.  Richard Silva.  $9.95
  • Wells History of Siskiyou County 1881.  Harry L. Wells  (Hardback, reprint) Cover Image shown above. $25.00
  • Western Siskiyou County:  Gold and Dreams.  Gail Fiorini-Jenner and Monica Hall.  A history of the citizens who first came here and struggled to make this land their home.  $24.99
  • Yreka (Images of America Series).  Claudia A. East, Karen Cleland, Donald Y. East, and Yale East.  A pictorial and annotated history of places, events, and life in Yreka.  $19.95 
  • Yreka, The First 80 Years.  Compiled and written by Donald Y. East and Claudia A. East.  Selected accounts of life and happenings in Yreka from 1851 to 1930 presented in a small newspaper type format.  $7.50
        Popular Siskiyou Pioneer Issues: (All books listed in this section are Published by the Siskiyou County Historical Society)
    • 1957  The Siskiyou Pioneer, Field Guide to the Siskiyou Gold Fields. Volume 2, Number 10. (Reprint)  Cover image shown above. 
    • 1967 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Weed Issue.  Volume 3, Number 10.   $20.00
    • 1970 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Anniversary Issue.  Volume 4, Number 3.  $8.00
    • 1976 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Yreka Issue 1851-1976.  Volume 4, Number 9.  (Reprint)  Cover image shown above.  $8.00  
    • 1979 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Story of a Siskiyou Argonaut (Leroy L. Kidder).  Volume 5, Number 2.  $8.00
    • 1993 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Law Enforcement Issue.  Volume 6, Number 6.   Inquire for availability and price.
    • 1997 The Siskiyou Pioneer, McCloud Issue.  Volume 6, Number 10 Inquire for availability and price.
    • 1998 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Sesquicentennial Museum Issue.  Volume 7, Number 1.  Inquire for availability and price.
    • 1999 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Trails Issue.  Volume 7, Number 2.   Inquire for availability and price.
    • 2001 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Women of Siskiyou.  Volume 7.   Inquire for availability and price.
    • 2003 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Photographic History of County Issue.  Volume 8, Number 2.  Inquire for availability and price.
    • 2004 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Hawkinsville Edition ~ Portuguese History.  Volume 8, Number 3.  $12.95
    • 2005 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Tule lake Issue.  Volume 8, Number 4. 
    • 2006 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Museum Issue.  Cover image shown above.  Volume 8, Number 5.  $12.95
    • 2007 The Siskiyou Pioneer, Sisson - Mt. Shasta The Early Years (Reprint of 1987 edition)  Volume 8, Number 6.
    • 2008, The Siskiyou Pioneer, Dorris Issue, Volume 1. Cover image shown above.  Volume 8, Number 7.  $15.95
    • 2008 Special Edition, The Siskiyou Pioneer, Celebrating Cattlemen and Cattlewomen of Siskiyou County.  Cover image shown above.  Volume 8, Number 8.  $8.00
Books on Local Indian Tribes:
  • A Bag of Bones, Legends of the Wintu.  Marcelle Masson.  $8.95
  • Ararapikva.  Julian Lang.  A book on the Karuk Indian creation stories.  $10.95
  • In the Land of the Grasshopper Song. Arnold & Reed.  Cover image shown above.
  •    A story of two women  field matrons for the Karuk Indians in 1908.  $19.95
  • Indian History of the Modoc War.  Jeff Riddle.  $12.95
  • Karuk. Cover image shown above.  $9.95
  • Life Among the Modocs.  Joaquin Miller.  $15.95
  • The Modoc War.  Robert Nixon.  A brief and authentic history of the war.  $6.95
  • Modoc:  The Tribe That Wouldn't Die.  James Cheewa.  $19.95
  • Plants and the People.  Barbara Davis and Michael Hendryx.  The ethno botany of the Karuk tribe; with line drawings and commentary. $18.00
  • Shasta Indian Tales.  Rosemary Holsinger.  $6.95
  • The Shasta Indians.  Elizabeth Renfro.  The life and times of the Shasta Indians through activities and ceremonies.  $8.95
  • Walking the Medicine Path.  Barbara Davis and Michael Hendryx.  Medicinal plant usage of the Karuk Tribe.  $6.95
Other Books including children's:
  • Campfire Stories.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Cowboys.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Gunfighters.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Indians.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Loggers.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Miners.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Pacific Coast.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Pioneers.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Tall Tales.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
  • Women of the West.  Rick Steber.  $4.95
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