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Website Links with Historical Interest:

Siskiyou History

The 1900 House:  The 1900 House

The City of San Francisco Virtual Museum Gold Rush Display

The Oakland Museum Exhibit:  Gold Rush

Gold Rush Hwy 49 California  (some "off beat" categories like children's chores on wagon train, buffalo chips, etc.)

Activities for Kids:
         (Parents, please note all activities should be well supervised by adults!)

Visit the Siskiyou County Museum!
After your visit enjoy some of these activities~

Gold nuggets or coins:  "Mint" or create your own gold coins or nuggets from clay.  Download a recipe for "Victorian Salt Clay" (pdf file) to create your own from scratch!

Create a "miners' camp":  (Great rainy day activity) Pitch or make a tent, "campfire", sit by a "stream" created with a blue towel, blanket or fabric.  Use a large piece of butcher paper and paint or draw the "entrance" to their mine.

Write a diary:  Diaries were very popular to record events and history ~ create your own "diary" of your gold mining stories by imagining what experiences they had!  Be sure and include your own drawings.

Create a treasure map:  Draw a map to a secret gold mine, secret stash of gold from a stage robbery, or to your own favorite hiding place.

Word Search: (pdf file)  Search for Gold Rush words from Siskiyou County Museum!

Crossword Puzzle (pdf file) Puzzle from Siskiyou County Museum!

Write a book!  Write a story about your visit to the museum, a miner's life, pioneer life, the Indians in Siskiyou County.